IELTS Training in Delhi – Tips to Ace the Assessment

Eloquence Language helps students or professionals to crack the IELTS or International English Language Testing System. It is one of the most prevalent and widespread exams that students take to study in countries where English is imperative. It is overseen by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and Cambridge English Language  Assessment. IELTS coaching in Delhi is common now and aims to help aspirants understand the exam process and to prepare for it to ensure a good score. One important thing to keep in mind is that practice is the primary key to success when it comes to An aspirant [...]

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A Comprehensive Guide to IELTS Training in Delhi

IELTS 101 IELTS coaching in Delhi is gaining massive popularity with time. International English Language Testing System or IELTS is one of the well-known English language proficiency assessments, which is mandatory for pursuing studies or work abroad. Schools, employers, universities, government bodies, and even immigration authorities acknowledge IELTS score widely. There are many IELTS Institutes in Delhi that help individuals understand the format, prepare for the exams, and guide them on how to crack the assessment. With more number of students and professionals aspiring to step into different countries, IELTS coaching in Delhi is quite a rage now. Preparing for IELTS [...]

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10 Trendy Vocabulary Words for You!

Vocabulary forms the basis for the English language. You may not like it but it’s a fact that people are being judged by the quality of vocabulary they possess. This doesn’t imply that the whole focus should be on inserting vocabulary words in the sentences. There has to be a combination of quality as well as the quantity of the vocabulary words. It is something which makes it versatile and attractive. If you are someone who is looking for some trendy vocabulary then this article will be of great interest to you. Here is a list of top 10 trending vocabulary [...]

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This blog is specially written for you!

Can we use the words especially and specially interchangeably? Many of us consider their meaning to be almost the same and thus, end up using them interchangeably. But, grammatically they are not exchangeable. Don’t stress your mind while using them the next time. This blog is going to explain you the difference between the two. We wish that you get the most out of it. Usage of the word 'especially': It is used when someone wants to choose a single thing out of a list of things.  For instance; there are many fruits which someone might like but the most liked [...]

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You have been doing these mistakes constantly!

The grammar and pronunciation are two of many pillars of the English language. Students think that they need to cram the grammar part and have to devote much time practicing pronunciation. Both of which is not true when you have Eloquence as your tutor. Read the below-mentioned tips and help yourself rectify the mistake you have been doing all this while. Let’s rectify the grammar first: Whenever there is a shopping plan we don’t leave a chance to tell someone that we are going to buy stuff!  But whenever we tell them this, we say it incorrect. How? Okay, try yourself! [...]

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Puzzling prepositions of time

English has evolved over time. But, we are still confused about the two most important propositions associated with time. Having a conversation in English feels great but skipping the correct usage of prepositions is bad. Become a Pro with English Classes! Here we are discussing two very puzzling prepositions of time. They are, ‘Since’ and ‘For’. They are usually used interchangeably in daily conversations, but the English language doesn’t favor it. Let’s discuss their usage and apply them correctly: Since: It is used when a particular time, date, month or year needs to be mentioned. Let’s take an example; many shops/stores [...]

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How do you pronounce Content?

Pronunciation is the way of delivering a word. English is a very mischievous language. It may have varied meanings for a single word. If used correctly, it may give a good impression and help to have a better command over the language. If used incorrectly, it may lead to absurd communication. People generally use the different pronunciations interchangeably without looking at a wider picture. Let’s have a look at one of the examples; the example has been taken for the word “Content”. The word “Content” has two different pronunciations. In one way, it could be pronounced as (kənˈtɛnt) and in the [...]

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