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Be it a birthday blast of a friend or a wedding toast for an uncle, our younger generation today has quite a lot on its plate and thus needs to be well groomed at each second of one’s life. We, at Eloquence, take absolute care of such needs and much more. Each little one studying with us is special to us and thus we groom each child in a unique bespoke manner.

The grooming begins from substantiation of core rules. We in ‘English for Little Ones’ firstly make knowledge base the strongest. We teach core grammar and niche vocabulary as the first base. Each student is entitled to questions, queries and doubts getting resolved. In the next step, we groom one’s diction to absolute and resolute adeptness. Each individual must be able to convey the exact sentiment one feels and wishes to convey. This can only be achieved with a vast repository of vocabulary at one’s help. Thus, each student is groomed to possess an elaborate vocabulary so that one could convey the exact sentiment wished to be traversed. Our groomers pay absolute attention in grooming a child’s diction and do so in a manner that the children retain the content taught. This is achieved by word games, plays and many other mentoring techniques designed especially for retention.

The process further includes ‘grooming writing’. Each little one here is taught to not just speak but write the best too. As the grammar and diction base happens to be already strong, children learn to write with instantaneous ease. Then there is a further grooming of style of writing and punctuation. This phase includes incorporation of ease and deftness in one’s writing. Children come out as skilful writers after this process.

‘English for Little Ones’ grooms a child thoroughly and hones those innate aptitudes of a child to absolute perfection. The programme, above all, renders a nourished personality and brings out the best in a child. It helps a child develop a confident character. In ‘English for little ones’, we don’t just teach English but groom a child to attain an ensemble precision of speech. The distinctness of speech that our students attain here, is rarely seen anywhere else.

The punctilious teaching here is accompanied by meticulous grooming in order to bring absolutely superb and awe-inspiring results. Many a time have we found that when students are groomed at Eloquence, their respective teachers at their schools find the students delivering jaw-dropping performances in the school elocution competitions and other co-curricular activities.

As ‘English for Little Ones’ starts training a child right from a tender age, the programme is able to hone communication skills of a child to quite an extent. The tender age helps as a premise to form behavioral and instinctive proclivity for the love of language and thus develop a deep-rooted profound skill at it. Thus even after growing up, a student retains the inclination to grasp more precision at the language and thus auto dictates oneself to constant improvement.

This is how we bring up your child and his or her persona!

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